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Dutch movie is about helping patients with open skins.

This Dutch movie is about helping patients with open skins.

Where this decompression chamber gives medical care to heal faster.

In this post I will share one of our other non scuba dive related DIR goals.

As we named this also DIR:
'D'iving for

As all DD4ALL members know, is founder and ambassador of Dutch ANBI foundation GLOBAL ICHTHYOSYS SYNDROME NETWORK.

Also named as GISN.

A view Dutch DD4ALL members are willing to help to start a SCRUM based project.

Where our goal is to help all ichthyosis skinn related patients, one way or the other.

DD4ALL is already in contact with;

The Da Vinci Kliniek,

And one of the best proffessors of Paediatric Dermatology, specialist in dermatologist/immunologist located in the Netherlands.

Where DD4ALL member & dive physician Ellen Kop. has informed us, willing help at the medical part of this new DD4ALL project.

We informed as well all Ichthyosis related local 'Nethehrton' patients in the Netherlands with this new project.

This is a very small group, in total 16 known patients.

But with the help of us, this group is not alone anymore this there daily fight.

It starts all here, with sharing you all this video.

Understandable is that we as scubadivers are not know if this treatment can be help, Ichthyosis related skin patients.

So lits hope for the best!

Helping this DD4ALL GISN project is posible with gifs.

To donate to Dutch ANBI foundation;

Global Ichthyosis Syndrome Network
ABN-AMRO Bank number: 413810372
IBAN nummer: NL51ABNA0413810372

PO: "Donation GISN"

Where scubadivers Doing It Right and:
'D'iving for

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